Mittwoch, 24. Oktober 2007

Rechtsherum oder linksherum?

..oder vielleicht beides? (P.S.: konzentriert euch auf den Schatten)
Mehr davon gibts auf


Anonym hat gesagt…

Wuahhhh! Was ist das denn?
Gibst dafür ne Erklärung?

Phil hat gesagt…

Shrödinger's explanation : "She spins both ways because she's in a quantum state called superposition. It's only when you look at her that she actually picks one specific way. The observer is shaping reality. It's exactly like Schrödinger's pussy, except that one is naked..."

Einstein's explanation : "I can think of a twisted space-time geometry consistent with both cases. Just select one and I'll tell you."

Socrates's explanation : "Actually, it may not be the girl who is spinning. It may be the observer."

Carmack's explanation : "She might spin any way she wants, it gives her giroscopic stability. What really bother's me is the fact that she's floating in the air without any rocket device !"

^^das ist das beste was ich dazu finden konnte. :-)

Prof. Chaos hat gesagt…

Prof. Chaos sagt: Sie ist im Chaos!